In a recent interview with Teddy Lee of Cellar Door Games, the developer behind Rogue Legacy, Lee commented that it is still quite possible to see Rogue Legacy on Nintendo platforms, albeit it may take a bit of waiting.

We\’ve been in talks with them, but we\’re a really small team, so our sights have just been set on the Sony version. We\’ve also got a timed exclusivity period with them, so we\’ve just been keeping our heads down. Currently, we\’re hard at work on bringing the game to Japan. This is a huge risk because Western games – especially indie Western games – usually bomb in Japan.

Rogue Legacy currently holds an 86 average on Metacritic, meaning that it would make quite the strong addition to the Wii U indie scene if it were to come to Wii U. Recently, the Wii U has been getting large support from indie developers with releases like Shovel Knight, Armillo, and Guacamelee, so it is very possible that we will end up seeing Rogue Legacy on the platform as well.

Eli Pales
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