Win a PS5 by joining and commenting on the Daily Esports forums!

[This is a friendly reminder you can still qualify to win a brand new PlayStation 5 by being an awesome forums member on our sister site, Daily Esports!]

Look, I know you guys are Nintendo mains. Hell, I’m writing this post on Nintendo Enthusiast. So I’m doing my best to read the room, here. That said, who the heck wouldn’t want to win a brand new – and free – PS5?

Yeah, that’s what I thought!

Our sister site Daily Esports covers the wide world of competitive gaming. Sure, that mostly covers the esports scene, but they also cover all sorts of industry news, from industry events to game guides to Pokemon trade codes. That’s right up your alley!

Daily Esports recently launched their forums, and they’re totally ok with giving away the next generation of gaming to get you to join. Between now and the system’s launch, you can earn entries to win by commenting, posting, liking, and being an all-around awesome forums member. Get to know your fellow gamers, and you could be the envy of the block by winning a brand new PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.

Our forums masters are drawing their winner November 25th. US winners will receive a brand new PS5, sent directly to their door, as soon as it’s out. International gamers are also welcome! A non-US resident will receive the equivalent cost of the console in US dollars, via wire transfer or Amazon gift card.

Head over to the official Daily Esports PlayStation 5 contest page for complete rules, regulations, and eligibility requirements. Good luck, and happy commenting!

Wes Tacos
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