O2 Games is at it again, using the name of a popular brand

O2 Games, an official Nintendo third-party publisher and developer, announced the release of Luv Me Buddies Wonderland for the North American Nintendo Wii U eShop on May 29, 2014. The game, which will use the new Wii U GamePad, is a party game designed to involve the whole family in multiple and fun challenges.

There are many characters that populate the world of Luv Me Buddies and, every time you interact with one of them, new mini games that stimulate concentration, memory and reflexes, will be unlocked.

Luv Me Buddies seeks to engage players both for few minutes and for hours with immediate and involving gameplay. During a compilation of mini games players will be able to switch between dynamic challenges, classic meditative puzzle games and memory games.

Luv Me Buddies is actually a popular brand in UK and is becoming more and more known worldwide thanks to several developing or already developed licensing projects.

\”We are proud to have begun a partnership with a such important brand, of which we share values and training purposes,\” says Sergio Pisano, Editor in Chief at O2 Games. \”In fact, family is the real protagonist in this videogame designed not only for children: teach while having fun could be the motto for Luv Me Buddies.\”

Oxygen Media was under fire last week, accused of artificially promoting their own game.



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