Fisti-Fluffs launch trailer

Way back in the year 2020, we learned of an incredible game coming to Nintendo Switch. The fighting/party title, Fisti-Fluffs, certainly charmed during December 2020’s Indie World Showcase. Here we are, almost a year later, and a Fisti-Fluffs launch trailer has been uploaded to YouTube. The indie game is now available to download through the Switch eShop.

Fisti-Fluffs’ launch is cause for celebration

Check out the new footage below:

Wow, that music is epic. And those feisty felines look like they mean serious business. Also, I enjoyed the moments of tranquility with the customization options.

Here are some exciting features exclusive to the title:

    • Fast-paced, physics-based, cat-tussling fun while the owners are away
    • Up to 4 players can duke it out in smooth and hilarious brawls
    • Game modes: Tussle, Crown Control, Destruction, Party, and Kibble Defense
    • In Kibble Defense, you and up to 3 of your best friends fend off rats and other critters from stealing your kibble in this endless wave-based game mode
    • 6 fully destructible, fun, exciting, and colorful stages to bust up + the largest and most comprehensive house stage in Kibble Defense
    • Smack various objects in the room to launch them at your opponents
    • Ready your paws and play as adorable digitized cats inspired by real pets. Try not to ooh and aah at all of the lovable kitties and charming levels
    • Create and customize your kitty with unique styles, hats, and outfits
    • Snap shareable screenshots overflowing with cuteness using the built-in camera mode
    • Rock out with the cats in Metal Mode

Fisti-Fluffs can be downloaded here for $19.99.

Enthusiasts, did you enjoy the launch trailer for Fisti-Fluffs? Are you going to get a few rounds in before today’s Direct? Let us know below!


Arthur Damian
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