Puzzle & Dragons GOLD release date Nintendo Switch GungHo January 15

Puzzle & Dragons GOLD, a console rendition of the massive mega hit mobile puzzler franchise from GungHo, will release on Jan. 15 on Nintendo Switch for $14.99. With the leap to Switch will come new capabilities never seen in the series before, such as PvP and a story mode based on the anime. Leader Monsters will also appear in 3D for the first time, and you can customize your player avatar because that’s what everybody loves to do these days. Here’s how GungHo PR describes the new features:

The brand new PvP mode will offer players a way to test their Puzzle & Dragons skills against their friends and players all over the world. After selecting their Monster Skills in the initial Skill Phase, they will move on to the Puzzle Phase to deal as much damage to their opponents as possible. Players will alternate between the two phases for eight turns, and whoever has dealt the most damage wins the duel. Players should start theory crafting their teams now (or use any of the pre-built teams), as they’ll need all the strategic help they can get!

There will also be an engaging story mode, in which players will follow the events of the Puzzle & Dragons anime. Players can choose between the stories of protagonist Taiga or Ryuji and make their way through the Puzzle & Dragons Champions Cup, facing off with favorite characters along the way.

Puzzle & Dragons GOLD sounds like a pretty good time for this sort of genre, actually. I’ve never played the franchise before, but I hear it can be pretty addicting. If you’ve played this series before, let us know what you think of it, and tell us if you plan to pick up the ultimate franchise experience with Puzzle & Dragons GOLD on Switch!

Puzzle & Dragons GOLD release date Switch GungHo Puzzle & Dragons GOLD release date Switch GungHo Puzzle & Dragons GOLD release date Switch GungHo

Lingering last thought: Do you get a bit of a Tokyo Mirage Sessions vibe out of the visuals? Maybe even a dash of Smash Bros.? Because I do!


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