Puzzle & Dragons GOLD for Nintendo Switch in late 2019, PvP combat emphasis

Puzzle & Dragons has been a smash hit for GungHo Entertainment on mobile devices. How big? Well, apparently it was the first mobile game to surpass $1 billion in annual revenue back in 2013. Now, this puzzler juggernaut is officially confirmed for release on Nintendo Switch in North America as Puzzle & Dragons GOLD. It will arrive in late 2019.

Puzzle & Dragons GOLD will actually emphasize PvP combat, which will be its distinguishing factor. The team behind the original game will be working on GOLD, so we can safely assume authenticity will be preserved. No pricing has been announced for the title yet, nor are there in-game screenshots or video. GungHo just wants us to know it exists.

If you’re craving more puzzling in your life, Dr. Mario World hits mobile devices next month. Dr. Mario from the NES is also available as part of Nintendo Switch Online right now. And if you’re in the market for something more modern, there is always Lumines Remastered. Fans of the puzzle genre always have options at their disposal, regardless of platform.

Let us know if you’ve played the P&D series before and if you’re curious to take Puzzle & Dragons GOLD for a spin on Switch. PvP should be a nice wrinkle in the formula.


John Friscia
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