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Developer Something Classic Games brought its retro, Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest-inspired RPG Shadows of Adam to Nintendo Switch back in 2019, and it was pretty dang cool. I’ve been recommending the game in random Reddit threads ever since. Now, Something Classic Games has headed to Kickstarter to raise funding for its next big retro RPG, Quartet, seeking $35,000 for initial PC funding and offering a Nintendo Switch stretch goal at $50,000.

Quartet already has a short demo available on its Kickstarter page, but the gist is that the game begins with four separate storylines playable in any order. Eventually, all the stories converge, offering you a party of eight characters. Four are active in battle at a time but can be immediately swapped out for any of the other four, and characters in the reserve more quickly regenerate AP. So the idea is to deploy your characters tactically to regularly be delivering their most powerful attacks.

The story of Quartet sounds like fun RPG shenanigans — warring airships, train robberies, a chef suddenly develops magical powers, etc. But like with Shadows of Adam, it seems like attractive retro RPG pixel art will be a big draw for Quartet, as its Kickstarter trailer demonstrates.

Check out the Quartet Kickstarter for all the assorted backer tiers, some of which include digital downloads of other games by the developer, such as Shadows of Adam.


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