R-Type Final 2

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu revealed that R-Type Final 2 will fly onto the Switch and other platforms in the Spring of 2021. The sequel to the classic 2003 PlayStation 2 shoot-’em-up is quite close to fruition after a very long wait and a successful crowdfunding campaign which brought in the equivalent of over $1 million USD.

The project is being developed by Granzella, a team of former Irem devs (Irem is a classic development squad that gave us the R-Type series). Development on R-Type Final 2 is led by none other than Kazuma Kujo, an industry vet with experience on previous R-Type games as well as the Metal Slug series. The game promises to take advantage of the now-standard 16:9 aspect ratio to evolve the genre into something exciting and new, and outlines an interesting focus on strengthening both enemies and the player as progress is made. The most talented players will face immense challenge, giving way to astoundingly high scores, while newer players will be able to take their time getting used to the game and its mechanics.

Are you interested in picking up R-Type Final 2 on Switch? Have you played any of the other games in the series? What are you hoping to see with this one? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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