RARE’s co-founder Tim Stamper has announced his return to the video game industry, following a few years absence whilst he focused on other initiatives. Stamper’s new studio, FortuneFish is an independent start-up based in Nottingham, England focused on mobile development. As of April this year the company occupies newly built offices in the NG2 – The Triangle development. FortuneFish are currently hiring but also working on their debut game which is progressing well, and hoping to become \”the next big thing\”.

Tim Stamper originally founded Ultimate Play The Game, which later became RARE, in 1982. Primarily focusing on development for the Nintendo Entertainment System, the studios high quality software caught the attention of Nintendo who would eventually purchase a stake in RARE in 1994 making the studio their most prolific second party studio. In co-operation with Nintendo, the studio would release some of the most sought after and successful titles on the SNES and N64 until the buyout by Microsoft in 2002. It was at this point, the Stampers sold their stake in the company and the talent left the studio leaving Microsoft with a shell tasked with creating Wii Sports and Mii clones with Kinect support.

As FortuneFish are focusing on mobile development, and have yet to announce any plans to support consoles in the future, this is likely the only news post you will find here on Nintendo Enthusiast.


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