We\’ve barely had enough time to catch \’em all in the new Kalos region world of Pokemon and a hacker has already found three rare Pokemon that may be placeholders for later surprise events, giveaways, etc.  According to Serebii, a hacker who goes by the name has managed to \”find\” or hack the three new Pokemon known as Diancie, Volcanion, and Hoopa.  The numbers for those Pokemon would be 719, 720, and 721 in the Kalos region Pokedex.

These three Pokemon will most likely be released by GameFreak and Nintendo through a game sequel, movie tie-in, or perhaps through a special in-game event which can be triggered when hooked up to Nintendo’s special server at like a GameStop or some other retailer.  For now you can check out images we found and let us know what you think.













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