Early footage of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars has surfaced online, thanks to YouTube user kukun kun. The footage originates from a ’90s Japanese video game show presented by gaming magazine Famitsu, and it shows off very early footage of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario RPG. The show was called Game Catalogue 2.

In this first video, starting at 5:53, beta footage of Super Mario 64 can be seen, showing off a much different version of the Cool Cool Mountain slide, then decorated with smiling moons and stars. The painting for the level also doesn’t appear to show off the snowmen featured in the level.

In this second video, starting at 4:12, beta footage of Super Mario RPG can be seen, showing slight differences in Yo’ster Island (a sans racetrack version), Nimbus Land’s palace looking less overgrown, and the thief Croco colored as green instead of purple.

Both videos feature some cool appearances by other Nintendo all-stars and employees, including a much younger Shigeru Miyamoto.


Kevin Cortez
Kevin is a writer with bylines at Genius, Ambrosia for Heads, Mass Appeal, Leafly and EARMILK. He plays video games in his spare time.


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