It seems there’s always something mildly interesting being posted to game developer Michel Ancel’s Instagram page. From teases of Beyond Good & Evil 2 to original Rayman concept art,  there’s a little something for everyone. The latest is for fans of the Super Nintendo classic, Rayman. Ancel linked an original demo of the game running on the SNES that you can now download on your PC.

Ancel goes on to note that the playable portion of the original build was very much in its infancy stages. He writes, “It’s our very first playable ( few screens , poor controls , no NPC) . ”

Can’t wait to see what may come next from Michel Ancel. Give him a follow if you dig seeing stuff like this.

Greg Bargas
A console gamer gone rogue. Collector of retro games, pun and dad joke enthusiast. My spotify playlists are out of control. Rocket League anyone?


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