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There’s been a severe lack of spaceship dogfighting games on the Nintendo Switch. Sure, we had Ubisoft deliver their ambitious take on the genre with Starlink: Battle for Atlas last year. Aside from that game, though, it’s been a major drought season for fans of the laser-blasting, asteroid-dodging genre. Thankfully, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is coming to the Nintendo Switch soon, and today we got our first look at how the game looks and runs on the Nintendo hybrid console.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw originally launched a few months ago on PC via the Epic Games Store, and it was a hell of a game. The space-trucker action game sees you flying through galaxies, taking on space pirates, dodging interstellar police, and more as you deliver cargo, steal goods, and customize your own rocking star cruiser.

While we don’t have a release date yet for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions of the game, the debut Switch gameplay looks absolutely stunning. The game seems to be running like a dream, with solid frame rate and even speedy loading times when docking into a space station. A lot of Switch ports will make obvious concessions to be able to run stably on the platform, but so far it looks like Rebel Galaxy Outlaw isn’t making any major sacrifices at all.


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