Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Scout Monster Hunter Rise Item Pack

Everyone and their mother is seemingly enjoying Monster Hunter Rise, as the game quickly managed to surpass 5 million units sold worldwide. To celebrate, Capcom is giving away a free Commemorative Item Pack, which you can redeem from Senri the Mailman. The Kamura Pack 1: Big Hit Celebration pack includes 30 Mega Potions, 20 Well-done Steaks, 10 Large Barrel Bombs, 5 Mega Demondrugs, and 5 Mega Armourskins.

Players will need to download the latest version of Monster Hunter Rise to access this free reward. Version 1.1.2 released yesterday, fixing a variety of bugs that were affecting save data. The next major update will be arriving at the end of April, introducing Apex Rathalos and several new monsters to hunt. Another update will hopefully be arriving later in the year, adding even more content and a brand new ending.

Monster Hunter Rise is an excellent entry in the long running franchise. In our review, we praised its new additions to the series and the variety of monsters to hunt. Hopefully, Capcom is intending to continue to update the game after the already planned roadmap, as Monster Hunter Rise has the potential to be even better. There is no deadline for this Item Pack in Monster Hunter Rise, but redeem it as soon as possible just in case. Have you been playing Monster Hunter Rise, and if so, are you enjoying your time with it?


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