Redout: Space Assault Nintendo Switch out now 34BigThings arcade space combat shooter

Italian developer 34BigThings has released arcade space combat game Redout: Space Assault for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC for $9.99. And dang, if the screenshots on the Nintendo website aren’t doctored or pulled from another version of the game, it seems like this is a really beautiful trip through space on Switch. In the narrative sense, it is a prequel to Redout, except that game was a racer inspired by the likes of F-Zero and Wipeout. Redout: Space Assault seems to have more in common with Star Fox — and in the best ways. Take a look at a trailer released last month to see what I mean.

The story involves controlling a “Super Orbital Recon Fighter during the 2395 Colonization of Mars,” but nobody cares about the story in a game like this. The bottom line is you will be rolling from side to side to avoid gunfire as you cruise along, while firing back with extreme prejudice and also occasionally getting into races with other pilots “for the sheer thrill of it.” You can collect Cards and Tokens from finishing missions to unlock ship upgrades for your hull, shields, energy weapons, and missiles. You will likewise have a variety of weapons to use, including air-to-air missiles, plasma cannons, and some sort of Gatling gun.

All in all, Redout: Space Assault sounds like a pretty robust single-player space adventure. Let us know if you’ll be giving it a shot.

[Source: PR]

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