If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been bingeing Fire Emblem: Three Houses pretty hard lately. Hell, I already sank whole days into my first playthrough in the Black Eagles route! However, after some emotionally intense story beats that left me questioning my life choices, I needed to step away for a bit to clear my head from all the doom and gloom. Thankfully, we have a walking ray of sunshine in the form of Claude von Riegan. The Golden Deer house leader and resident heartthrob quickly became a fan favorite with his good looks and affable personality. As a result, it’s no surprise that the character sparked a new meme between Twitter artists: #RedrawRiegan.

Golden Deer Twitter Takeover

To clarify, no, that’s not a typo for #RedrawReigen for the anime Mob Psycho 100, but the format is the same. Like the former, artists insert Claude and his Golden Deer classmates into famous scenes from popular TV shows, vines, and other memes. Personally, I find memes make a decent palate cleanser for sadness and chaos!

With that in mind, I amassed a few of my personal favorites for your viewing pleasure! Have no fear though, these memes are light on spoilers:

1. Rubi_arts

2. Puffuetchi

3. Crunchytomoe

4. alosrovolo

5. Yuuzea

6. Belueberry

7. Dixoterin

8. Alansialan

9. Rorvk

10. Bunnifuku

If you wish to blame someone for the sudden rise of Golden Deer memes, look no further than Claude von Riegan’s own voice actor. Joe Zieja recently campaigned why Golden Deer is the best house before Three Houses launched. Not too long ago, he also campaigned to propel Claude as the game’s most chosen House Leader, following a pro-Edelgard article published by Polygon.

Therefore, Zieja called on fans to create the best, funniest, and cleverest Golden Deer memes. Needless to say, fans delivered in spades with some really funny memes spreading across social media like wildfire. Consequently, his video also got the animatic treatment, courtesy of Linvaniin.

Of course, there are many, many more memes I would love to share, but unfortunately I can only squeeze so many. On the other hand, you can find many more Claude memes just by checking #RedrawRiegan on Twitter!

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