Reggie Fils-Aimé was one of Nintendo’s most recognizable executives. He’s soft-spoken, funny, and has a deep appreciation for gaming. Even though he has retired, he remains a presence in gamers’ lives. And now that he’s active on Twitter, players have been reaching out to him regarding his opinions on Nintendo’s latest titles. Since Animal Crossing: New Horizons is quite popular these days, the gentle giant has provided feedback on the life simulator.

Ask Reggie, and you shall receive an answer

Twitter user @bumbertyr has a bone to pick with Nintendo about New Horizons‘ Star Fragments. Wishing upon a star awards you with these pieces but no one knows the science behind it. The number of particles you receive appears to be random.

The player expressed his frustration to Reggie concerning this enigma, detailing how he obtained 12 Star Fragments, two Large Star Fragments, and one scarce Aries Fragment after making 137 wishes. Reggie replied:

While not a savage takedown of New Horizons‘ ridiculous offerings, it’s refreshing to see Reggie being critical of Nintendo in any way. However, since he’s no longer a part of Nintendo, he’s also free to condemn gamers who cheat:

Enthusiasts, do you think the pittance you collect for making wishes is abhorrent? Let us know below!

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