I love to watch demake videos. The idea of current video games or properties being reimagined on older hardware tickles my fancy. This is probably because I am a nostalgic 34-year-old that is forever stuck in the past, but I digress.

Recently, Nintendo Wire shared a video on its YouTube account portraying the new Detective Pikachu film as a reimagined Game Boy Color game. Watch it in all of its glory below:

A cute reimagined Pokemon game is too much for my heart

The work put into this little project is impeccable. The music and graphics are something my 13-year-old self would find quite familiar. In addition, I adore how the footage showcases famous scenes from the Detective Pikachu movie trailers. The only thing I find out of place is when Pikachu gesticulates and points towards his cheeks to warn about upcoming electrocution. That graphic is way too impressive for the Game Boy Color hardware to handle.

Enthusiast family, what are your thoughts on this short footage? Would you pay good money for a proper demake of the Detective Pikachu movie? Above all, do you long to recapture a past you can never truly have again? Let us know your thoughts on reimagined video games in the comments below.


Arthur Damian
Arthur Damian is a writer, editor, educator, and lover of video games. Based and living in Brooklyn, NY, he has been gaming since the age of five, from the NES to the Nintendo Switch. His favorite system is the SNES, his favorite game is Chrono Trigger, and you cannot convince him otherwise. He loves dogs, rainbow cookies, Spider-Man, and songs with intricate drum patterns. Arthur is also the Editor-in-Chief at That VideoGame Blog.


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