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The next couple weeks of video game releases are a little calm. Almost too calm. With a variety of heavy hitters releasing in March, the end of January and almost all of February are pretty dry when it comes to new video game releases. Thankfully, unexpected little indie gems are always popping up no matter the time of year, and thanks to the success of Nintendo Switch, many of them end up coming to Nintendo’s latest hybrid handheld as well. One such unexpected indie coming along to keep Nintendo gamers occupied is Reknum, an action platformer releasing at the end of the month on Jan. 31.

Published by JanduSoft and developed by Nape Games, Reknum has an old-school visual charm that is sure to please fans of classic, tough-as-nails platformers. You play as Cheri, a dauntless elf princess who needs to travel through a variety of dangerous environments in order to conquer the frightening foes that lie in wait. You’ll explore six different zones throughout the game, each one boasting unique visuals, tough enemies, challenging platforming, and plenty of loot. You’ve got two different weapons to utilize, as well as a variety of passive skills that you can unlock and upgrade as you progress through the game.

Reknum is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $4.99 on Jan. 31.


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