Rémi Gazel, composer for the original Ubisoft Rayman game, has died. The news was revealed via Gazel’s social media accounts, in which she detailed that he lost a battle with cancer. He was 41.

The tweet reads:

My husband Remi has just left us. Despite his constant struggle, his desire to live and the constant and unwavering support of his loved ones, cancer got the better of him. The funeral will be held at the Pech Bleu in BÉZIERS, Friday 31 at 9:45. Nathalie GAZEL

Nathalie shared more information on Facebook:

“Rémi my husband just left us. Despite his struggle of every moment, his desire to live and the permanent and unwavering support of his loved ones, cancer has been right about him. We hoped until the end but the opponent was too strong. The fight was lost in advance and death became a liberation against the unbearable suffering endured despite the care and painkiller administered.”

Gazel is best known for his role as composer for the original Rayman, which released in 1995 for the PlayStation, Atari Jaguar, Sega Saturn and PC/MS-DOS. It was recently included in the PlayStation Classic. Rayman‘s soundtrack has been praised for its bright, often suspenseful, but always playful atmosphere. Gazel worked on the game’s core title, but there’s been 40+ games within the large Ubisoft franchise.

“Self-taught musician passionate about digital technologies and the endless opportunities they offer, Rémi is an ever-evolving artist,” says Gazel’s website and Bandcamp. “His personal journey brought him to experiment many creation fields from music to digital art, video making, web design… He now feeds from all this very different experience to give birth to a very personal artistic work, always eager to learn and improve himself.”

Nintendo Enthusiast sends their condolences to Rémi Gazel’s family.


Kevin Cortez
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