Renegade Kid, the company who brought the psychological horror thriller within a man’s brain game,  known as Dementium also brought to life another first-person shooter in the form of Moon.  Moon was an original game for the DS, featuring some of the same components as Dementium such as a high frame of about 60 frames per second and high quality 3D visuals.  In the game the year is 2058 and on the moon are several scientific labs which are used for experiments and other stations to help build a launch to go to Mars.


When a strange hatch is discovered on the moon a man named Major Kane and his team are sent into investigate.  On the way to the hatch the team’s communications are knocked out and a strange force wipes out his team killing them.  Kane enters, finds a mysterious blue vial of liquid, inhales it, and falls unconscious.  Once Kane wakes up he finds himself more incredibly strong than ever before and defeats a boss standing in his way while making his way surface bound.  Little did he know that once he defeated the boss the whole underground chamber would go into self-destruct mode.  Fortunately he made it out onto the surface and was greeted by a ton of sentry guards and the game continues from there.

Jools Watsham, the founder of Renegade Kid said that it is still possible for a Moon sequel to see the light of day but that it would take a little cutting through some red tape.  In an article from Nintendo Insider Watsham further described what that red tape would be saying,

\”We had always planned to make a sequel to Moon, but that seems extremely unlikely at this point due to its ties with the publisher.  Perhaps we\’ll attempt to buy the sequel rights back from Mastiff one day.\” Jools Watsham

In the meantime Watsham said their main focus right now is to focus on their new 3D first-person shooter for the 3DS.  He said that once that project is done and if people like it then they will have the complete freedom they need to support that game with sequels and other things.

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[Source: Nintendo Insider]


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