Replica, an interactive novel, comes to Nintendo Switch this fall

Playism Somi Replica, an interactive novel, comes to Nintendo Switch fall 2020

Publisher Playism and developer Somi have announced that interactive novel Replica is coming to Nintendo Switch in a vague fall 2020 window. The game puts you at the center of quite a dark tale that will see you snooping through someone else’s phone, becoming a patriot through your actions. This title originally released for PC in 2016.

Replica is a game that’s played solely through a smartphone and social media apps. At the start of the game you’re presented with this phone and told to look for evidence of hacking. You do this by searching through every app, under constant coercion by the government of course. You can take a look into usage history of said phone, seeking out anything suspicious that the owner might want to hide. There are 12 endings in Replica to unlock, meaning your actions will determine the direction of the story.

Replica‘s trailer has an eerie feel to it. If you enjoy interactive novels, or decision-based stories, then this Somi and Playism title is almost certainly for you. But if you need an investigation experience on Nintendo Switch right now, you might want to consider the FMV game Telling Lies, where you are piecing together the truth of an FBI investigation gone wrong.


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