At a time when people are scrambling to finish their Christmas shopping, it’s nice to see a thoughtful gift made with one’s own two hands. Creating neat contraptions is nothing new, but a certain dad took that concept to the next level. Redditor kitty_rootbeer posted proof of this: a shot of her son with a replica Poltergust G-00 made by his father.

This replica is pretty close to the real thing

The three-year-old is a huge fan of Luigi’s Mansion 3. Therefore, his dad decided to make a custom Poltergust G-00 for him, since that vacuum model debuted in the Switch title. Using a clothing steamer, a tank filled with aloe, and painted tap lights, the Dad of the Year created the appliance you see above. What an awesome Christmas present!

If you are wondering how close this replica is to the actual device, here’s a screenshot of it for reference:


It’s like I am seeing double! The man has a great eye for detail.

Enthusiasts, are you impressed with this father’s crafting skills? Also, have you ever made a makeshift item with spare parts lying around your house? Let us know how handy you are in the comment section below.

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