According to a new report by the Japanese business newspaper Nikkei, Wii U stock shortages in Japan since the beginning of the year have been the fault of Nintendo. We first reported on this news back in February, when it seemed like Nintendo was just selling out of its holiday allotment of Wii U consoles. However, this report now indicates that Nintendo is trying to clear shelve space to make sure no units go unsold.

Do you think that this is an indication that the Nintendo NX could be coming this year? Do you think Nintendo has different motives for limiting stock in Japan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Eli Pales
Eli buys virtually every Nintendo title that comes out but has expanded his collection to include amiibo. He hasn't taken them out of their boxes, though, so he might be a bit insane. When not playing video games, Eli likes writing about politics and games. He also runs a decent amount. Outside.


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