If you want to play new Wii U games, the only place to find them is via the Wii U eShop. As with any digital game distribution system, games come in a variety of prices and quality. Reptilian Rebellion was a game that sounded interesting simply because of the name to me, but the $2.99 price point kept my expectations for the game low. So how does Reptilian Rebellion fare?

As the name would suggest, Reptilian Rebellion is a game based on the theory of some humans not being humans, but reptilian hybrid creatures. The game is full of illuminati signs and influences, but it’s not done in a serious manner. The lightheartedness of the tone of the game helps keep things going along, and while the story is nothing more than “shoot as many reptilian’s as you can see”, it works in this title.

The core gameplay in Reptilian Rebellion is pretty simple and reminiscent of 80’s arcade games. You choose from a select number of characters (with more unlockable ones based on accomplishing certain feats in game) each with unique movement speed, fire rate, lives, and power-up longevity. After you pick your character, you are thrust into the gameplay, which consists of shooting down hordes of reptilians.


You are in the center of the level, with enemies attacking from both the left and right side. You move only up and down, constantly under barrage of enemy fire. On the top and bottom of the map you can acquire both power ups and more ammunition. At first, the difficulty is slow paced, but it quickly ramps up with a variety of enemy types. Sometimes at the top of the map another character will appear, and touching them will add them to the battlefield to assist you.

It sounds pretty simple, because it is. I think that works with this game because the gameplay is good enough to keep you addicted to keep wanting to mow down waves of enemies. The different characters all have a good feeling and strengths and weaknesses, which makes experimenting with them fun. The game also throws curveballs such as a “chem trail” which causes your controls to reverse, adding to the madness and the fun.

The visuals are a retro-style with some polygons thrown in for good measure, and are simple and clean. The characters animate well, and I didn’t experience any technical issues. One thing I didn’t like with the presentation was the fact that there is only 1 level, as more backdrops would have been interesting. There is a day and night cycle for the level though, so that does help. The game also features only 1 audio track, but it’s pretty catchy.


All in all, I was pleasantly surprised with Reptilian Rebellion. It’s a simple, cheap, nostalgia-feeling arcade game that can be very addicting. A little more variety in the visuals and audio would have helped, but as it stands, if you are looking for a cheap and fun game, Reptilian Rebellion will give you a good bang for your buck if you enjoy high-score driven games.

Reptilian Rebellion



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