Resident Evil 0

After 17 years, Capcom has brought the understated Resident Evil 0 back into the limelight with an HD remaster that immortalizes the already impressive game onto the Nintendo Switch. For newcomers, the addition of an alternate control scheme (tank-controls remain an option in the settings) should make the game more accessible. As well, a variety of technical upgrades are present, enhancing the overall horror atmosphere. One such enhancement is the new option to play the game in a full widescreen format. However, this comes with the drawback that the environments are zoomed in and panned over throughout play. Should you find this an annoyance, you can still play the game in its original 4:3 aspect ratio.

Among these HD texture enhancements, Capcom has also added content to the game in the form of costumes and a new mode. In this mode (which you unlock after finishing the game), you get the opportunity to play as Albert Wesker himself. Wesker Mode sees the titular villain take the place of Billy and travel alongside a corrupted Rebecca Chambers. He has a variety of abilities such as his dash ability and other T-virus enhancements. It’s not particularly an addition with a great amount of depth, but it’s still appreciated in an otherwise content barren remaster.

The little engine that could

Resident Evil 0 is unique in that it serves as a prequel to the classic Resident Evil remake that originally released on the GameCube. In this iteration to the franchise, you play as Rebecca Chambers. You work together with the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team to uncover the mysteries found within a train stopped on the outskirts of Raccoon City.  In this train, Rebecca finds Billy Coen, an escaped convict. Billy is a unique protagonist in that the player is able to control him alongside Chambers seamlessly. This opens up possibilities to have the two playable characters not only explore different parts of the area but also have an AI work with you to dispatch enemies.

Among the typical zombies found within the series, there’s also the inclusion of leeches, scorpions, and even bats. When exploring the claustrophobic cars in the train, you’ll also encounter various journal entries and logs that flesh out the greater lore of the franchise by revealing various secrets of the members of the pre-existing Umbrella corporation. This greater lore is found mostly in the Umbrella Traning environment the players find themselves in after the train station.  There’s also a variety of different puzzles that are similar to those found in other Resident Evil titles.

Conserve your ammo, but also your wallet

Resident Evil 0 is a game that’s a must-play for fans of the greater franchise. It’s even better that the Nintendo Switch version is a perfect port of the HD remaster found on other platforms. However, the added portability comes at a cost when compared to the other versions available on digital storefronts. Resident Evil 0 is $29.99, costing $10 more than it does on other systems. Should you pay $59.99 for the Origins Collection, you’ll not only pay the same price for the bundle with no added benefit, you’ll also need to download Resident Evil off a separately included code in the box. These drawbacks are debilitating to Switch owners who are trying to conserve their system’s memory. Capcom cutting corners isn’t a surprise, though, considering how they’ve handled previous rereleases on the Switch.

Overall, Resident Evil 0 is a game which provides the same satisfying gameplay loop found in the Resident Evil remake. If you’re not only aching for more top-down survival horror but also invested in the world of the series, it’s worth downloading for a playthrough. Just keep in mind that if portability isn’t the main draw for you with the Nintendo Switch, you’re better off purchasing the game off another storefront.

Release Date: May 21
No. of Players: 1
Category: adventure, horror
Developer: Capcom
A review code was provided by the publisher.

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Resident Evil 0


Overall Score



  • The same satisfying Survival Horror gameplay
  • Added enhancements makes this remaster timeless
  • Flawless port of dedicated home console iterations


  • Capcom's charging more for the same game on Switch
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