Resident Evil 3

Today’s reveal of Switch cloud versions of Control: Ultimate Edition and Hitman 3 came as a surprise for many, but apparently, it might not be the last of cloud-based Switch games – others, such as Resident Evil 3, could be on the way. According to industry insider Daniel Ahmad, the company powering this cloud service, Ubitus, is working with Nintendo to bring more cloud games to the Switch in the future.

Thanks to some crafty datamining, we might already have a hint toward one of those cloud Switch games: the recent remake of Resident Evil 3. Check out the image below, which was apparently pulled from the website for the cloud version of Control: Ultimate Edition.

Interesting, right? Past datamining of Resident Evil 3 has already found references to the Switch and eShop, so perhaps this could connect to that.

Are you excited to maybe see Resident Evil 3 pop up on Switch? What other big-ticket AAA games would you like to see on the platform via the cloud? What do you think of these cloud services for Switch? Are you concerned about losing portability for some games by being tethered to an internet connection, or are you just happy to have the games in the first place? Let us know in the comments below.

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