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Resident Evil fans are suspicious about latest Taylor Swift album cover

Resident Evil Taylor Swift album cover

Last Friday, Taylor Swift dropped a new album out of nowhere. It appears that since being in lockdown the pop star has written, produced, and released an entire album. However, shortly after the album, Folklore, released, Resident Evil fans began to discuss the cover art. There appeared to be something familiar about it. Something that they couldn’t quite put their fingers on.

Marry Kish, head of community marketing at Twitch, posted the above image that kicked things off. Immediately you can see the similarities between Swifty’s Folklore and Capcom’s genre-redefining Resident Evil 4. While there are presumably no similarities between Dr. Salvador and Taylor Swift, unless the pop star manages to outlive us all, Resident Evil fans quickly dove deeper into similarities between Folkore and Resident Evil 4.

The “evidence”

I think that we can all agree that Ashley Graham and Taylor Swift look somewhat alike. I reckon the musician would be a bit better at fighting Ganados though.

What seems to be the most compelling “evidence” for Folklore borrowing from Resident Evil 4 is the Wii Edition’s cover art. Unlike all other versions, this one was in black and white, exactly like Folklore‘s cover art. Following this last point though, the community quickly descended into chaos, with tweets like the following one making me, and many others, burst out laughing.

However, one other very good comparison was made, and it had nothing to do with Resident Evil 4 or Folklore.

Obviously no one actually believes that Taylor Swift used a Resident Evil game as inspiration for her latest album’s cover art. But there’s a lot of “evidence” to suggest that she has done that, isn’t there? Even the title, Folklore, has similar connotations to Resident Evil 4, kind of.

What do you think of the Taylor Swift x Resident Evil 4 connection? Is the truth out there?


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