Resident Evil 100 million sales franchise total following Capcom Resident Evil Village news units sold

Off the back of yesterday’s Resident Evil Village announcement, Capcom has revealed that the franchise has surpassed 100 million units sold. This includes all releases on all platforms since the original, which came out way back in 1996. Resident Evil Village is targeting a 2021 release date, meaning that by then we’ll have had a quarter of a century of Resident Evil.

Resident Evil is the first Capcom franchise to sell this many units, and the company explains there are several reasons for the success:

For the Resident Evil series in particular, becoming the first Capcom series to surpass the 100-million-units-sold milestone came as a result of a number of factors; in addition to maintaining a consistent release schedule for new titles, Capcom utilized cutting-edge technology to reimagine beloved hits, such as with Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, while carrying out price promotions for back catalog titles timed in conjunction with new title launches.

Basically, its been nonstop Resident Evil!

Resident Evil

The upcoming Resident Evil Village has been announced for PC and next-gen consoles, with no Switch version in sight. So far, the Switch has only housed re-releases of older Resident Evil titles, though Resident Evil 7 became available as a cloud game in Japan. Resident Evil has a storied history with Nintendo though, dating back to the GameCube era, so we wouldn’t rule out a future release on Switch.

Would you like to see a Resident Evil Village port on Switch? Or maybe the Resident Evil 4 remake?

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