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Capcom has announced a Resident Evil Showcase for next week. The livestream will focus primarily on Resident Evil Village, the next mainline Resident Evil title, with first-look gameplay and a new trailer. While that one’s not announced for Nintendo Switch, Capcom does tease some other Resident Evil franchise news.

What this news relates to exactly is uncertain. The teaser video includes a 25th anniversary logo, which could mean that the other Resident Evil news is something anniversary-related. That could be the next remake, reportedly Resident Evil 4 in development at M-Two, or it could be something entirely different (Resident Evil 3 cloud version for Nintendo Switch?).

Capcom is hard at work on a Resident Evil origin movie along with two separate Netflix series. It’s entirely possible that the other news at the Resident Evil Showcase doesn’t relate to a game at all then. We’d certainly like to see more on the film or the shows, given what little we’ve seen so far.

It could even be the rumored Resident Evil Revelations 3 for Nintendo Switch. This revelation came from a prominent Resident Evil leaker, who claimed it is planned to feature Rebecca Chambers but that the game could possibly undergo a name change at some point. The leaker also claimed it will eventually come to other platforms as well, but all of these details are unsubstantiated.

Anyway, an end to the speculation comes on Jan. 21 at 5 p.m. ET, when the Resident Evil Showcase goes live.

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