Resident Evil

Amidst the constant frenzy surrounding predictions and “leaks” for the fifth Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass character, Nintendo has been chugging along with a constant trickle of new spirits for their monumental fighting game. The Nintendo Versus Twitter account just recently confirmed that this week’s Spirit Board newcomers stem straight from the Resident Evil series.

Of course, your immediate, knee-jerk reaction, like mine, is probably a mental jump connecting “Resident Evil” with “Fifth Fighters Pass character.” Think about it a little bit more, and you might remember that The Game Awards, where Joker stole our hearts and kicked off the Fighters Pass in style last year, are slated for December 12. That’s just over a week after this Spirit Board event’s end. Does all of this mean anything? Well, probably not, but let’s keep going.

At least a few stars seem to kind of be lining up for a Resident Evil character, perhaps Leon from the classic fourth mainline title, to take their zombie-bashing prowess into the ultimate fray. Furthermore, Resident Evil is one of Japan’s most popular franchises that still has no representation in the series (beyond the spirits that were just announced). However, past Fighters Pass characters have all come from series without any representation in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate whatsoever. No fighters, no assist trophies, no spirits, and in that respect, Resident Evil would officially be bucking the trend.

What does this leave us with? Four spirits, a jolt of excitement, and pretty much no confirmation in either direction over who the fifth fighters pass character may or may not be.

Andrew Rockett
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