Let discuss the manner of a score because I think a lot of people can often ignore games they might like just because the score wasn\’t over an eight. With my reviews I will just the aspects of each game and give them a score in each category. Sometimes certain areas of the game, like visuals, could be rather low in quality but the game still being great in other criteria. The final score is like a scale of enjoyment rather than a high score test. I want to especially point this out for this game because it has a lot of ups and downs.

Game Completion: Midway

UFO Games designed a game, from first glance at videos online, that looks like a kung fu inspired beat em up. That isn\’t even the best part of the game, it is the classic style mini games that are the real meat of the game. UFO Games should have focused solely on getting more of classic games into it rather than mixing it with a rather shallow beat em up mini-game. UFO Games real downfall to this is the lack of content.

The game’s main bulk is its adventure mode. It is a pretty interesting concept, you have one hour to rescue your girlfriend from the evil gang. This mechanic works well with the arcade part as you are pressed for time in a increasingly difficult adventure. Each time you die three times you have 5 minutes taken off. This game would have been very competitive if it had online leaderboards.


Though the art and audio seemed very bland at times it can be charming with the “B&W” games. In B&W games everything interacting is black and the backgrounds look grayed out as if it was on a Game and Watch platform. It is very nostalgic and it works well. The Modern game looks edgy cartoon with thick outlines and simplistic shapes.

What this game often expresses is a love for old style games. A gamer will love that among the one hour challenge but everything else is left to be desired. UFO needs to rethink this as a sequel with a sole focus on old game style games would be a great redemption.


Length: Some game modes my not be as enjoyable as others but the design of the game is made for high re-playability.

Score: 7

Price/Value: 4.99$ is asking a lot for six mini-games and that is all there is to it.

Score: 3

Gameplay: It controls work completely fine in all aspects, even the sup par beat em up has some shining moments.

Score: 8

Visuals: Old school style is great and completely nostalgic but modern feels kinda bland and simplistic.

Score: 5

Play pace: Short play times before you get tired of playing. Luckily a save state can pick you up where you left off. No online leaderboards kills it though.

Score: 4


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