Minecraft for New Nintendo 3DS has portability going for it, and not much else. The game deals with some unfortunate drawbacks due to the New 3DS’ weak specs, including a frame-rate that dips below 30 often and clunky controls.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the game. With that said, I did play it for a substantial amount of time with friends on my Xbox One, but after selling my system, I hadn’t touched the title until now. Minecraft does have some charm for a short amount of time, but the gameplay simply gets too repetitive for my taste. With so many other incredible games out there, why someone would choose to play Minecraft, of all things, just baffles me. And if a gamer chooses Minecraft on New 3DS, as opposed to Switch, why? This version deals with a barrage of problems, two of which really stand out.

The first is its poor frame rate. Although it’s not unplayable by any means, in an era which is primarily made up of games that run at a smooth 60 FPS, it’s striking to see the difference in this game. Given that Minecraft doesn’t seem to be a demanding game, it’s unfortunate that its playability was hindered by a frame-rate that has no reason to be as bad as it is.

The next downside to Minecraft on New 3DS is its lack of proper controls. The thumbstick is used to control the camera. While it’s a good use of mechanics on other systems, this is the New 3DS we’re talking about. This system’s thumbstick is hardly that – it’s more of a nub that can be slightly moved; constantly having to tinker with it made me get annoyed with this game fairly quickly. Somehow, Other Ocean Interactive delivered a sub-par experience with seemingly the world’s most accessible game.

A positive to the title is the 3DS’ dual screen. While the negatives are still prominent, this is definitely a positive to playing Minecraft on the handheld platform. The bottom screen shows the player’s weapons, items, and other information.

Overall, Minecraft on New 3DS is exactly what I imagined it to be: a portable version of a game we’ve all played several times. If you’re in the market for a portable version of Minecraft, just get it on Nintendo’s newest system, the Switch.




  • Portability


  • Poor frame-rate
  • Clunky controls
Aric Sweeny
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