The side scrolling adventure game, Zombie Incident is brought to you by the one manned operative indie company, Coder Child, based out of Barcelona, Spain. Independent game enthusiast David Marquez, a former employee of Ubisoft, has worked on porting over Zombie Incident which had originally been developed for the MSX 80’s computer by NeneFranz. The game comes to the 3DS at the price point of $1.99.


While starting up the game I immediately notice excellent music, in fact throughout this game you will enjoy a healthy douse of 8-bit inspired music. When continuing though the menus you are required to use the touch screen so I got my stylus out and put in all the necessary information. It then asks you if you want to connect online allowing the player to see where his/her score ranks among the other players after you lose the game. I was then whisked away by a story line of how everyone sinned and that the time had come to pay for there dark deeds. The citadel is flooded with zombies and your goal is to retrieve eight golden stars that will vanquish the chaos.

When you’re in game I proceeded to use the stylus which causes the character to jump, which isn\’t a huge problem just a minor annoyance. Your character starts out on a pillar with 4 enemies, who follow a set path. You must jump on these enemies to kill them and some require more then one jump others are invincible. By killing all enemies that can be eliminated, you are awarded life, new paths and sometimes a golden star. The map is set up like a grid like the original Legend of Zelda and on the touch screen portion it will highlight where you are and where you have and have not been.


Going through the many grids with a handful of enemies and different forefront and backgrounds with the 3d effect were beautiful.  But in the midst of that the enemies seemed both repetitive and generic. The game can be quite difficult and your life bar is set at the perfect amount leaving you with a lot of time to explore but still feel like you need to keep getting life to survive. When you kill the right enemies they can reveal a door. Proceed through to claim your prize, a gold star. If you die after reaching the area with the star you can continue from that point.

Zombie Incident has an amazing 8-bit soundtrack and beautiful 3D visuals. It can be quite hard but easily addictive especially when you try aiming for a high score that is posted for all to see. Some of the drawbacks are repetitive, generic enemies and the use of the touch pad to jump while trying to move about is a bit awkward but if you stick with just all buttons you will be fine.


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