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It is sonic! No not sonic, SONIC! Let me clear that previous statement up for you. In new sonic games it is all about fast speed but in this game it is about exploring the complex levels and dodging hazards at….. fast speeds. This Game Gear original Sonic game is the shining example of what was capable on a Game Gear. It fits my liking by being a bite size adventure yet hold enough content to be re-playable.


When you first download this game you will notice the superb job Sega did to create a very nice emulator with enhancements and options not seen on Nintendo emulators. I guess Sega does what Nintendon\’t. My option layout is a 1:1 pixel ratio red Game Gear with enhanced processing and removed blur. This makes me hoping for more Game Gear titles so I can take advantage of this superb emulator.


Now What makes this game special to me is its deep and complex levels. They are all very original with you bouncing off giant bulbs, running down a train, and sliding through a maze of tubes. Things like suprise springs and falling bridges are in ample supply in each level. It helps change the pace of the game from mindless stage runs. I am not sure if only featured to this game but the game host character specific power ups like a Jet Board, Propeller Shoes, and Sea Fox. These items are rare so you might not get them on your first play though, this including the secret levels.

Re-exploring the game to find what it all has to offer is probably the biggest strength. I kept going back to a level to find all the power ups and gems. The option to play as Sonic or Tails also warrants another play-through. I enjoyed Tails more because I was able to access more of a level thanks to his flight ability. It isn\’t required as the levels are designed to be accessible for both but it helps to play with Tails.


The visuals and audio of this game are completely like previous Sonic games. The game may look a bit lower in quality, thanks to the smaller pixel count of the Game Gear, compared to the home system Sega Genisis but it is hardly noticeable. The game has a very bright selection of colors used in each stage and sprites are well done and animations are fit for the game. The bosses were mostly forgetful except the Knuckle bosses.

Any fan of the sonic series must get this game. Anyone who is a fan of a challenging platformer with complex levels should also pick this up. This nostalgic adventure is fun from beginning to end and with multiple reasons to play it over and over.


Length: Five worlds and three levels for each world may not sound much but the levels are very replayable.

Score: 8

Price/Value: At 4.99 for USA and 4.50 UK it is a rather pricey VC game. Sega at least made the emulator very well done.

Score: 7

Gameplay: A challenge at times but never too much. Everything controls really decent as to expect of a sonic game. Bosses are lackluster at times.

Score: 7

Visuals: With the Game Gear’s notorious screen blur it is good to know you can play without it. The 8 bit engine emulates the sonic game very well.

Score: 9

Play pace: Levels can be taken at bite size play times. Bigger levels have check points and then save point option helps to. The game will constantly try to slow you down with springs and traps.

Score: 7


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