The Legend of Zelda series is near and dear to many of our hearts. As it turns out, even people more famous than us common folk like Link’s myriad adventures. One such individual, pro wrestler Cody Rhodes, loves the games so much that he even wore a pair of boots with the Triforce symbol to some of his matches. Today, he used social media to showcase his admiration once more, this time with a Best Of list.

Cody is certainly a Rhodes scholar when it comes to Zelda

Here is Rhodes’ list of the top Zelda titles in the series:

An unsurprising list, to be sure, but welcome, nonetheless.

I agree with a lot of these picks, though not necessarily the order. A Link to the Past would be switched with Ocarina of Time in my book. Also, Link’s Awakening and Majora’s Mask would be on the list and not honorable mentions.

However, I agree with Cody regarding Skyward Sword being the least favorite and Breath of the Wild being near the bottom of a Best Of list. SS has too much hand-holding and finicky motion controls, while BotW has frustrating issues with stamina and a lack of dungeons (though I still think it’s a good game).

Fellow Enthusiasts of the Zelda variety, what do you make of Cody Rhodes’ list? Will you reply to his Tweet with your personal preferences? Are you excited to see if Rhodes will wear a Link tunic during one of his AEW appearances? Let us know down below!

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