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Solar Opposites, a new animated adult comedy show from Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland, recently debuted its first season on Hulu. Right from the start, Solar Opposites is brimming with Nintendo love, which is no surprise given Roiland’s documented appreciation for the beloved games giant. There are two different Nintendo references in the first episode. Below, you’ll find a clip in which one of the main characters brings up an ancient console war (recognize the blue dude’s voice, Rick and Morty fans?), and if you glossed over the screenshot at the top of this article, go give that a second look. Documentation of each Easter Egg comes courtesy of GoNintendo.

As mentioned earlier, Justin Roiland has previously imbued Rick and Morty with his Nintendo fandom. A season two episode of that show involves Rick buying up a bunch of limited edition Zelda-themed 3DS systems so that he could scalp them down the line. That, it turns out, was based on Roiland’s own experiences (in real life, he ended up feeling bad for scalping and bought several 2DS systems to give to charity. It is unclear whether or not Rick Sanchez ever felt similar remorse).

Have you checked out Solar Opposites? How do you like it? Does it hold a candle to Rick and Morty? Let us know in the comments!



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