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Last week, Nintendo teased a “new experience” coming soon to the Nintendo Switch, introducing a new circular peripheral for the Joy-Con. While the video did not demonstrate an actual game, it did heavily emphasize physical activity; now dubbed the Ring-Con, this device hearkened back to the days of Wii Fit with exercise as its selling point. Today, we finally see more of the Ring-Con in action with Ring Fit Adventure launching for the Switch next month!

Let’s get physical

Ring Fit Adventure is an adventure game with some role-playing elements, with exercise using your body as your control scheme. With the Ring-Con and a Joy-Con leg strap, the game tracks your body movements as you squat, jog, flex, and more in your quest to defeat an egotistical bodybuilding dragon named Dragaux. Players can encounter monsters in turn-based battles, where they must attack and defend through 40 different Fit Skills; some Fit Skills are even super effective on specific types of monsters, and from there, you earn EXP to level up and power up your avatar.

Outside of the main adventure, there is Quick Play, where players can enjoy the game or minigames in short bursts. Those who would rather skip the adventure altogether can also enjoy more direct exercise options; Simple provides a variety of exercises to choose from, while Set focuses on specific areas, like core, shoulders, and lower body. Additionally, the game can be adjusted to a preferable pace depending on the player’s skill; Silent Mode also swaps out jogging altogether to keep heavy noise and vibrations to a minimum.

Ring Fit Adventure launches exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on October 18, 2019, and comes packaged with the game, Ring-Con, and leg strap for the price of $79.99 USD. Personally, I’ve been focusing on losing weight over the past few months, so a game like Ring Fit Adventure is right up my alley! Will you incorporate Ring Fit Adventure into your fitness journey? What other uses do you see for the Ring-Con? Share your thoughts with us below.


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