Ring Fit

Ring Fit Adventure is a great mix of exercise and RPG. Gamers have embraced the title in droves. So much so, there have been shortages of the game in certain parts of the world. And now that the coronavirus has spread across the globe, Ring Fit Adventure is even harder to find. For proof of this, look no further than eBay.

Ring Fit Adventure is supposed to be $79.99

During the recent Nintendo Direct, a musical update launched for the fitness game. Anyone on the fence for the title certainly became pumped to workout to songs from Super Mario OdysseyBreath of the WildSplatoon 2, and Wii Fit. But since stock is sold out everywhere, players looked to eBay for assistance and, well…

Ring Fit

Whoa! Those prices are over three times the amount of the MSRP.

Unfortunately, price gouging is commonplace during times of outbreak. I mean, you can’t even purchase a new Switch right now without spending some serious cash. Those of us who own a Switch and Ring Fit Adventure should consider ourselves extremely lucky.

Enthusiasts, would you spend close to $300 for Ring Fit Adventure? Do you have ample entertainment to keep you occupied indoors? Let us know below.



Arthur Damian
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