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The Nintendo Switch is home to quite a few racing games at this point. However, there are some notable standouts both large and small. What’s easily one of the most graphically-impressive titles, if not the most, is the semi-futuristic racer RISE: Race the Future by VD-Dev. The game initially launched last summer to positive feedback. Now, the team has returned this summer to enhance it even further with a pretty neat update (version 1.5).

This update has added support for two differenet rendering modes: Quality Mode and Performance Mode (a feature we’ve seen time and time again). The key difference between the two is that Quality settings will have the game running in its standard 30 FPS mode, along with enhancements like phyiscally-based rendering and post processing and new shaders. The overall graphics have been improed since the original version. Performance Mode pars back the visuals a bit to allow the game to run at a full 60FPS; a more smoother gameplay experience with a little less eye-candy. That said, RISE still looks good even in this mode. Here’s a comparison video:

Here’s a full rundown on all of the improvements that this new update for RISE: Race the Future brings to the table:

This new major update features:
– New Render Engine with physically based rendering (PBR) and new post process
– 60 FPS mode
– Improved graphics
– Advanced CPU optimisation
– New shaders
– Global Data Compression
– Main Menu at 60 FPS
– Improved Italian language

If you have yet to purchase the game, it’ll cost you a mere $16.49 on the eShop and it’s less than 2GB of space.

I was supposed to review this game last year, but circumstances caused me to fall off on the idea. Still, to sum it up briefly, I think RISE is a pretty neat racer. It has a cool car-transformation mechanic whenever vehicles come in contact with water, allowing them to hover effortlessly above. The controls and handling are fairly simple to get accustomed to, though some races can be a tad difficult. Still, overall, it’s one of the most polished racers on Switch and is worth checking out if you like arcade racing games.

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A.K Rahming
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