NES brawler classic River City Ransom may receive a sequel thanks, in part, to Conatus Creative, who have launched their Kickstarter campaign to make it come to light.  River City Ransom: Underground will need about $180,000 in Canadian to make its PC release which will take about a year.

Originally, it was toted as River City Ransom 2 and was slated for a 2011 WiiWare release,, but became suspended with no momentum in sight.  Should the campaign reach its $180,000 and go over there may be a possibility for a console, portable, and other operating system ports.  Being a small team of five people has made it so only a PC release is slated for now.

The idea is to go beyond what the original game had and its functions.  The team would like to add more shops, enemies, and make its world more open.  The AI has also been amped up for the enemies to make it more difficult to take them down.

The story will take off 25 years from the original storyline and will include the same original cast of characters.  It will support local co-op play online and should be ready for launch in September 2014.


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