Dragon Quest cosplayer Kandar Robbin' 'Ood Japan

Dragon Quest is arguably the most beloved of all game series in Japan, so it’s only natural that it would inspire a lot of cosplay. A quick Google search will demonstrate that people especially like to dress as the heroes (though I did run into a super dope Zoma). However, not every cosplay requires an elaborate costume. For instance, to dress up as the character known as Robbin’ ‘Ood (originally “Kandar”), all you need is a green hood, an axe, and like a bazillion pounds of muscles:

Dragon Quest cosplayer Kandar Robbin' 'Ood Japan

Incidentally, the Max-MEN TOKYO Twitter page found a dude who fits the bill for Robbin’ ‘Ood perfectly.

Max-MEN TOKYO highlights bodybuilding, seemingly whether it’s at a competition or just out in the wild. And my god, this dude has some body proportions. His lats are more like a giant turtle shell on his back than muscles. His torso is a giant triangle attached to a giant rectangle. Each of his hips weighs more than my entire legs. This is a man who could break your neck instantly and then use your limp body as a one-handed club to kill everyone else in the room. Those are the googly eyes of death on that charming green hood.

Jokes aside, I bet this man, whoever he may be, is a big teddy bear. When you’re a behemoth like that, what’s there to be worried about aside from not fitting on a plane?

Let us know what you think of Kandar or Robbin’ ‘Ood or whatever you like to call this Dragon Quest cosplay. Now that I’ve shared this, excuse me while I go do 1,000 pull-ups.


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