Rocket League

It’s astonishing how much post-launch support Rocket League has received from the developers at Psyonix. From movie tie-ins to cross-platform matchmaking, they’ve most certainly earned the dedicated playerbase they have. Also, they seem to be taking feedback with how they’re operating this support. They even recently removed loot boxes, which many appreciated given the recent outcry that randomized crates could be perceived as gambling.

Now, for this weekend, you can jump into the game and earn twice as much XP as you would have otherwise. The game’s website details the event, which started yesterday on the 27th, as follows:

Once 2XP Weekend begins, you’ll earn double the amount of base experience in all Casual, Competitive, and Extra mode Playlist matches via the “+100% special event” XP bonus.

The event will take place in all versions of Rocket League until Monday, Sept 30 at 10 a.m. Pacific time. So you still have plenty of time to take advantage of the event.

If you’re a Twitch Prime member and own Rocket League, there’s more!

If you have Amazon Prime, you may be unaware your service also includes a variety of games and other digital add-ons. Rocket League has some exclusive add-ons that have been added to Prime, such as a battle car, a few decals, and more upcoming goodies. You should redeem them before you jump into the grind here. The offer is only available until Oct 24.

Are you still playing Rocket League, or are you interested in getting back into it? Sound off in the comment below.


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