Rockman Live 2020 concert download MP3 album Mega Man Capcom Battle Network

The Rockman Live 2020 concert in Osaka, Japan just went off without a hitch. It was streamable on Japanese platform Niconico with a premium subscription, but there are no plans to archive the concert for future enjoyment. Fortunately, Mega Man fan site Rockman Corner has stepped in to dump the whole thing on YouTube, or if you’d prefer to listen to a specific song, it’s been divided into a YouTube playlist as well. There is even an MP3 album you can download for the Rockman Live 2020 concert. When you start listening, you’ll find that the concert is packed with Mega Man 2 and Mega Man Battle Network songs, with a bit of Mega Man Zero and ZX tossed in for good (PR) measure.

At the very least, make sure you listen to the mega epic Mega Man 2 Wily level 1 music.

The large presence of Mega Man Battle Network at Rockman Live 2020 and the appearance of MegaMan.EXE appearing as a Mii Fighter costume in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate could be used as evidence that Capcom is planting the seeds to revive the franchise. This would make sense, considering Protodude of Rockman Corner has said a Battle Network mobile game is in the works.

This is of course idle speculation though. It could be that Capcom and the directors just really wanted these particular tunes to be in the concert! Let us know what you think of this rocking good time.


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