Rogue Company gets gameplay reveal, alpha signup available now

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Rogue Company is a new team-based shooter game that’s coming to Nintendo Switch. Today a gameplay trailer for the game was released, alongside news that anyone can sign up to take part in the alpha right now. As far as shooters on the Switch go, this looks as though it might offer both the most interesting and diverse gameplay out there.

The game’s story slates Rogue Company as the best of the best. Elite mercenaries who are the very best at what they do. These are the people you call when you need a job doing, whether it’s saving your city from a terrorist threat, or just clearing out a building full of armed thugs.

Players will take on one of what looks to be at least five characters in the game. Each one has their own special moves and abilities, keeping gameplay interesting from match to match. Missions take the form of PVP encounters, with each team being made up of the same characters, with distinctly separate objectives. One mission might simply require a team to kill all of the enemies, while another could see them attempting to disarm a bomb somewhere in the level.

The environments of each map look well made, interesting, and large. There’s plenty of space for you to hide and sneak up on enemies in. Zip lines link certain sections, and it’s possible to shoot whilst moving along them so that you’re never exposed.

From the bomb disarming to the way that team members are counted off as they die, this feels like a game that borrows a lot of elements from others. Zip lines have been used in a similar fashion in Fortnite and Apex Legends. The elimination counters for players on both teams, and bombs to disarm or defend, are also both elements you’d find in Rainbow Six Siege. All of these elements are combined with the character-based combat that offers unique combinations and advantages found in games like Overwatch.

Taking elements from other games doesn’t mean that Rogue Company will be a poor copy though. In fact, the trailer makes it look like a very tight and impressive shooter game. The only comparison available on Switch right now is Warface, but that’s restricted to first-person.

Rogue Company will launch for all major platforms, including Nintendo Switch, later this year. If you fancy trying it out before it launches, sign up for the alpha.


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