Metallic Child animated trailer by Studio Trigger

Publisher Crest has revealed an animated trailer by Studio Trigger for its upcoming roguelite core-action game Metallic Child.

Metallic Child has a latter 20th century setting in a space laboratory called Life Stream. The story follows an android named Rona who must stop a robot invasion that threatens to crash Life Stream into Earth. The player takes remote control of Rona to guide her through the space lab to put an end to the conspiracy. To do so, Rona will face a fleet of massive robots led by the creator, Doctor Irene.

The gameplay offers a hack-and-slash system with beat ’em up elements. For example, you can grab enemy robots and use them as shields or smash them into walls. The roguelite’s features include randomized item distribution and power-ups from enemy cores. There are also various bosses to take on, each with their own unique skills. The game flow involves defeating bosses to obtain their skills and using them to go against the next bosses.

Check out the animated trailer for Metallic ChildĀ by Studio Trigger below:

Metallic ChildĀ will release for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on September 16, 2021. The game will also launch for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 sometime in 2021.


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