There’s no question that the Fire Emblem series has been a classic staple series on Nintendo platforms across the board and now indie dev. Coda Games is following suit.  Coda’s game \’Liege\” is an RPG meets chess style game that puts you into tactical battle in a kingdom whose royal family who has been given the major \”sleeping beauty\” treatment.  It’s your job to take part in a civil war that has resulted in the loss of royal power and help the royal kingdom of Liege get back on its feet.

The game had a kickstarter goal of $15,000 which it successfully reached and will be payed out on July 28.  Coda’s total amount brought in from backers is a whopping $46,479 and now Liege’s developer, John Rhee has thrown in a Wii U stretch goal to last for the final four days.  The Wii U stretch goal would need a total of $48,000 to be put into development mode, but apparently an extra $3,000 would give the Wii U version an extra punch of RPG sweetness.

Since the game is already set in stone for release on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android there is no surprise that the Wii U version will be released a little late which creator Liege’s creator explained on the game’s Kickstarter page.

\”Since the approval came later in our campaign, the Wii U release will happen a little after the release for other platforms.  This is to ensure we won\’t delay our current schedule by adding the Wii U onto our list.\”

The entire list of stretch goals can be found on the list below and more information about the game can be found on its Kickstarter site at: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/codagames/liege


After taking a look at the game in play and the trailer is this worthy of a couple of rupees into the king’s coffer? Leave us your thoughts, complaints, or pure happiness below.

Update: \’Liege\’ has surpassed the $51,000 needed for hardware license fees and Wii U support!


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