RPG Maker MV is finally, finally coming west on Switch in September

By 3 months ago

Back in 2018, RPG Maker MV was announced for a 2019 launch on Nintendo Switch in the West. Then it got delayed in January 2019 and… *shrug*. A year and a half later, NIS America has finally pegged down a release date for the game on Switch and also PlayStation 4, being Sept. 8 in North America and Sept. 11 in Europe. The game is available for preorder from Amazon and GameStop for $49.99, but you can also preorder a limited edition directly from NIS America for $59.99.

For the extra $10, RPG Maker MV Limited Edition nabs you an official soundtrack, the usual attractive collector’s box, and a “creator’s log,” which seems to just be a pretty notebook. If you’re into that sort of stuff, it’s worth the bit of extra money.

If somehow you don’t know what RPG Maker MV is just from its name, it’s the most recent version of the premier tool for creating your own JRPGs and sharing them with the public at large. Creation tools are multifaceted and have only become more robust with time, and while coding knowledge can help if you want to delve into deep customization, it’s absolutely not required.

On PC, your completed games may be exported and shared as executable files for anyone to play. On Nintendo Switch, anyone with a Switch will be able to play your games with the RPG Maker MV Player app, but it’s uncertain if you will be able to export your games to be playable on PC.

Another wrinkle in this NIS America release plan is the fact that a new entry in the series was just announced: RPG Maker MZ. If you don’t care about the accessibility of using this software on Switch, then you might just want to bide your time and buy RPG Maker MZ whenever it heads to PC.


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