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Yeah, sure, let’s end this week with another fat rumor. This week, we reported on rumors regarding a new alleged Donkey Kong game in development for Nintendo Switch internally at Nintendo. One of the sources of those rumors is Zippo, a leaker who has been around for a while now and doesn’t have a spotless record but isn’t making things up out of thin air either. New Donkey Kong aside, another claim Zippo unleashed upon the world this week is that developer MercurySteam has completed development of a new 2D Metroid game, likely to be announced for Nintendo Switch at E3 2021.

Here is a relevant quotation from Zippo on the subject of a 2D Metroid from MercurySteam:

But yes, a new 2D game from Mercurysteam two hundred percent exists, and is in fact, done. All Nintendo needs to do at this point is announce it. Nintendo (and by extension, Sakamoto.) internally is extremely happy with how the title turned out. The only other thing I’ve heard recently

is that the game is running at very smooth 60FPS. My hard read/prediction is an announcement at their E3 direct next month.

MercurySteam was the developer of Metroid: Samus Returns on Nintendo 3DS, a high-quality 2.5D remake of Metroid II: Return of Samus on Game Boy, so there is arguably no one more qualified to make another game in that vein.

Way back in January 2020, we reported on a rumor that a 2D Metroid was in development to release that year, though no developer was named back then. It was thought to be connected to Metroid Fusion in some way at that time though. That rumor came from the leaker Sabi, an individual who, despite a largely pristine track record for leaks, ultimately disappeared in disgrace after being called out for various malicious and abusive behaviors.

Nonetheless, the 2D Metroid rumor has persisted, and it would be pretty terrific if MercurySteam were to appear on the 2021 Nintendo E3 Direct. If it doesn’t, though, there is still the spectacular fan-made Prime 2D demo.

Oh, also, Zippo claims a new Fire Emblem is in development at Intelligent Systems that is nearing completion and that Super Mario Party 2 is on the way as well, but you probably could’ve guessed most of that on your own.


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