Ridge Racer 8 canceled Nintendo Switch Doctre81

A game that was never officially announced has now potentially been canceled. Last year, YouTuber and eagle-eyed god of LinkedIn profiles/job listings Doctre81 posted a video highlighting the LinkedIn profile of a Bandai Namco Singapore developer. This profile described work on an anonymous project that sounded like development of Metroid Prime 4 at Bandai Namco, which was subsequently canceled and restarted with Retro Studios. But this profile also specifically name-dropped a new, Nintendo Switch-exclusive Ridge Racer 8, which had never been announced. However, in examining updated LinkedIn resumes, Doctre81 is now reporting that Ridge Racer 8 has been canceled as well.

Long story short, a LinkedIn resume for a former Bandai Namco Singapore employee cites two unannounced and canceled Unreal Engine 4 games, and other LinkedIn profile details seem to corroborate that the two titles are (Bandai Namco’s) Metroid Prime 4 and Ridge Racer 8.

It’s important to emphasize that every aspect of this story must be treated as a rumor though, as obviously a lot of facts are missing and there are some ambiguous time discrepancies that seemingly haven’t been addressed here. Still, if you were hyped to potentially gear up for a Ridge Racer 8 on Nintendo Switch, things aren’t looking terrific right now.


John Friscia
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